First off let’s start with saying, Shaving is also COOL! We all have the look we want to go for. Every industry has a certain dress code. It may just be the public that percieved these “social dresscodes”; but to a certain level its is very necessary. Some people can have a beard or scruff on their face and get away with it. We think you should always be trying new styles. Different times call for different styles.

At work I put on my most dirtiest clothing. Reason behind this is, I really dont care how people think I look in the industry I work in. To be honest I really belong to the general labor category of life. So I put on my old pair of shorts or pants and old a t-shirt ans head off to finish my day.

Now the other hand my best friend is a Real Estate Agent he never leaves the house with out a dress shirt and dress pair of pants. Even his shorts look like mini dress pants.

One thing he does well is keeps his beard groomed everyday. Lined up every day! Its apart of his daily routine. I shave every 3 days or 3 weeks. That’s me!

Now I’ve been researching some reasons through, personal interaction with people and some medical individuals as well; my main question was,

“Why should men grow their beards?”

Here are the 10 most important reason I got:

Let’s start with the medical knowledge first!

  1. Blocks UV rays. Actually to add a real value to this statement, 95% uv Ray’s are blocked.
  2. If you dont shave properly it will give you Acne!
  3. Reduces wrinkles
  4. Reduces the amount of bacteria that goes in your system. Also stops bacterial infections. Your mustache catches alot of germs and other air bound bacteria that you maybe breath intake with your food.
  5. Keeps your skin very Moist naturally! Hence why it is important to hydrate your beard with good ingredients and if you shave you should hydrate your skin.
  6. Helps reduce the possibility of gum disease.

Now for why some Men Grow their beards!

7. Perception is considered to be everything.

8. Fountain of youth! Color it any color. Black to younger.

9. Naturally Builds confidence. “My mustache shows class!” What someone said yo me.

10. Your mustache works as a natural filter for your nose. Blocking allergens and other particles from entering your nose.

Finally Beards are amazing. #growit #menscaremonthly #clubgrizzly