Mens Care Monthly Sources organic ingredients only.

First it’s probably best to discuss which ingredients are right for you to use. Most oils brands or companies use similar ingredients. But the beard care items and oils you find on sales and clearance are mostly expired items or poor in quality. Most products use simple ingredients. Adding naturally scented essentials to oils has many benefits as well. Most brands use alcohol to add scent or other chemicals.

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Reasons why you need oils in your life!

1. Well it moisturizes your hair!

2. It moisturizes the skin beneath the hair!

3. Helps soften your hair & skin, which allows you to control that beard!

4. Hydrates your skin! What’s the difference between hydrating and moisturizing? Hydrating your skin will take age off your skin, and to hydrate means to penetrate through your skin to keep it moist all the time.

5. The two most important ingredients are argan oil and jojoba oil. These oils will help the growth of thicker more softer and darker looking hair.

7. Beard oil can also be used in your hair. Most beard oil brands and companies have different additives that will not allow you to use that product in your hair. Our products are all natural. The peppermint oil is unique as it promotes brain health activity.

8. Our beard oil can also be used as a aftershave. Helps keep the underlying skin moist. Specially after a hot shower or steam towel.

9. Although it’s called beard oil, its uses are not only for beards themselves. Even long head hairs can be oiled and the moisture will help healthy growth and lower dandruff buildup.

10. Its not bad for you. The oil is made from all natural products. Even the scent is from natural essential herbs and plants.