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Here are the 5 ways to keep your beard looking great!

  1. Use a shampoo or soap that is made specially using organic and natural products to clean your beard. Our seasonally infused shampoo and soap bars are specially formulated to keep your beard smooth , silky & dandruff free.
  2. Take our handmade sandalwood comb and comb your beard. Our combs absorb oils and essentials that is why your combs color may change. Also brush your beard using our Bristol brush. It’s good to brush your beard this way hair strands get straighter and stronger.
  3. Once you have shampooed & brushed your beard, it’s time to use Our Seasonally infused & scented Beard Oil. Use the provided dropper and put 3 to 6 drops on your hands. Glide the oil through your beard.
  4. Use our sandalwood hand carved comb to help.
  5. Use our all natural and organic beeswax or beard creme to shape or mold your beard and mustache. Use our mustache comb to get that extra curvy mustache.

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For all your personal care product needs. Remember if you don’t have a beard or want to groom your beard, or line up your beard, or even shave your beard; we have everything you need!