5 easy steps for a great shave from start to finish!

Well, here at menscaremonthly, we also promote the shave tools of the world. Growing a beard maybe a little more complex than shaving, because; getting rid of hair is easier than growing. Most people would believe it Is simple as just buying a razor and shaving.

We have been collecting different information on different people. For example, People who like using straight razors, new generation razor blades, and also just going to get a steam shave. People have different desires as well as different styles. Some use razors to line their beards up. This gives a cleaner look to any beard. Most individuals shave daily and need reliable tools for a daily basis. Visit our club Post for shave products.
Depending on how soft or shave burned your skin is, we all need something to soften your skin before you shave and something to keep your skin soft after you shave.
Here simple, easy steps to follow for your shave,
1. Before you start shaving, wet your skin a little
2. take our “shave soap” and lather into your face until it sudsy.
3. Take our quality engineered razor and shave towards your growth of hair. ( do not shave the opposite way to hair growth, this will cause razor burn and redness)
4. Rinse your razor blades after every swipe, this keeps your blades clean and moist with water to activate the shave soap.
5. Once you’ve finished rinse your face with water and use our aftershave gel or balm.

Maintain your skin after shaving, by using aftershave. It is very important as our formulas include ingredients that help fight and keep bacteria away from you.